The building and construction industry

Increased risk calls for increased protection – that’s our strong suit

Unlike other sectors, the entire construction industry is exposed to unique and in part very high levels of risk. To meet these special requirements, we have teamed up with highly qualified legal experts to develop innovative liability concepts that are unrivaled on the market and go far beyond conventional coverage:

  • A multitude of claims and damage scenarios are covered by over 100 special agreements.
  • Our additional coverage provides individual insurance protection tailored to your needs.
  • Sufficiently dimensioned insurance coverage always provides the necessary level of protection.
  • Excellent relationships within the insurance industry guarantee the most favourable contract negotiations.

Due to our high degree of specialisation, many reputable businesses in this sector count on us for support, such as building construction and civil engineering companies, planning offices, plant engineers, roofers, plumbers, steel construction companies, demolition companies, tinsmiths, electricians, and many other types of companies in the construction and ancillary building industries.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • More than 100 special agreements for liability coverage
  • Contractual liability insurance including contractual penalties
  • Assumption of warranty in case of subcontractor insolvency
  • Incidental remedial costs
  • Loss pooling based on contract value
  • Loss of keys (replacement of the locking system)
  • Free choice of claims adjuster
  • Free choice of attorney
  • Ambiguity settlement
  • Conflict resolution
We would be happy to meet with you personally to discuss the solutions we can provide for the best possible coverage of risks both in Austria and abroad.
Analysis and evaluation of existing contracts

We analyse your existing insurance policies with regard to contract formulation, scope of coverage, and potential reductions of the premium.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf, we review your existing insurance policies with a focus on the following criteria:

  • Insurance terms and conditions
  • Risk characterisation
  • Special conditions
  • Individual contractual agreements
  • Evaluation of the insured amounts of any relevant additional coverage
  • Evaluation and preparation of damage statistics
  • Determination of premium rates and deductible options

As a result of our analysis and evaluation of third-party contracts, we achieve significant savings on premiums for our customers while also optimising the scope of coverage.

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